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BREAKING NEWS: Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. made official announcement of its purchase of
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Innovative, Dependable, & Cost-Efficient Water Quality Solutions:

UV Disinfection Systems & Filtration Equipment

Aquaculture and Aquatic Life Support Public Exhibits - Zoo and Aquarium Hobbyist Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums Koi Ponds and Gardens Swim and Aquatic Feature Facilities
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About Us

Emperor Aquatics, Inc. is a global provider of Water Quality Solutions. With the unique needs of our clients in mind, we supply operator-friendly, cost-efficient water filtering equipment to a wide variety of industries and back it up with caring customer service. We have the solution for your application and budget.

Our Clients

We service a wide range of customers from backyard residential ponds, to YMCA swimming pools, to public Zoos & Aquariums, and even global providers of farm-raised seafood. Regardless of size or influence, our clients are equally important to us.