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SafeGUARD Filtration Systems

SafeGUARD AquaFOAM Poly Protein Skimmer

Protein Skimmers
also called Foam Fractionators

System Information:
SafeGUARD AquaFOAM Poly Protein Skimmer

AquaFoam Poly Protein Skimmer Advantages:

SafeGUARD AquaFOAM Polyethylene Protein Skimmers/Foam Fractionators are similar in design to our PVC models but feature a HDPE contact reactor. AquaFOAM Poly models are designed and made for larger applications with flow rates up to 375 GPM/1,420 LPM with a reactor dwell-time of 90 seconds.

Poly Foam Fractionator with Ozone

Advantages of SafeGUARD AquaFOAM Poly Skimmers/Fractionators include: durable HDPE contact reactor in opaque white or gray, easy-to-install, operator-friendly, fitted with a dual air-ozone venturi-manifold, and waste collector wash-down. Poly models are supplied with a high-efficiency non-metallic centrifugal pump, specifically designed for sea water applications.

Shown: AquaFOAM Poly Protein Skimmer/Foam Fractionator - Ozone Package. Integrated Foam Fractionator-Ozone-UV packages available. Designed to fit your specific application.

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AquaFoam Poly Protein Skimmers Features:

  • Unique EAI Dual Air-Ozone Venturi Manifold allows for independent ozone injection, separates air from ozone injection, maximizes gas transfer (solubility), and allows for precise adjustments
  • Opaque PVC Contact Reactor is more durable than acrylic and prevents “algae-growing light” from entering the reactor, keeping internal surfaces clean
  • Removable Waste Collector Top with full-cone, pig-tail wash-down spray nozzle
  • Clear foam chimney allows for easy water level adjustments (foam control)
  • Venturi Manifold Pump with unionized pump manifold includes timer-controlled solenoid waste wash-down valve (optional w/ Model COM3020-NP)
  • Clean-water effluent Standpipe included (optional w/ Model COM3020-NP)
Skimmer Dual Venturi Manifold
Dual Venturi-manifold with Seawater compatible Advance-Multi-Duty Mfg. pump
Clear PVC Waste Collector
Clear PVC
Waste Collector
Wash-down Spray Nozzle
Full-cone, Pig-tail
Spray Nozzle
Skimmer Effluent Standpipe
Effluent Standpipe
with control

AquaFoam Poly Protein Skimmer Models & Specifications:

Model Dimensions Diameter x Height Venturi Style/ Inlet Port Size Outlet Style/ Port Size Water Flow Rate 1.5 Minute Dwell Time Venturi Manifold Pump (optional) Auto
COM3020-NP 20" x 75" Single/1.5" S.P./2" 50 GPM Option Option
COM3020 20" x 80" Single/1.5" S.P./2" 50 GPM 340036 Yes
COM3024 24" x 105" Dual/2" S.P./3" 80 GPM 340036 Yes
COM3028-2004 28" x 110" Dual/2" S.P./3" 100 GPM 340036 Yes
COM3031 31" x 130" Dual/3" S.P./4" 150 GPM 340036 Yes
COM3036 36" x 130" Dual/3" S.P./4" 225 GPM 340037 Yes
COM3045 45" x 105" Dual/4" S.P./6" 300 GPM 340038 Yes
COM3046 46" x 170" Dual/4" S.P./6" 375 GPM 340038 Yes