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Our Capability: Emperor Aquatics, Inc. designs and manufacturers a variety of filter components and systems, specializing in foam fractionation and UV disinfection.

We provide off-the-shelf equipment and design-specific filter components. Our staff is poised to assist you in choosing the correct equipment that is best suited for your application, but we need your help to do so.

    When replying to your equipment inquiry, we may require the
    following information:

  1. Project Specification(s)
  2. Dimensional Drawing(s)
  3. Notification of Project Design Phase
    Markets We Typically Serve:
  • Zoo-Aquarium Exhibits
  • Laboratory-Research
    Rack & Floor Systems
  • Flow-through and Re-circulating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
  • Seafood Process Water Reclamation
  • Commercial Swim & Fountain
  • Live Seafood Holding Systems
  • Tropical Fish Holding Systems
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  Equipment I am interested in:

     UV Sterilizer Systems
     Ozone Equipment
     Micro-screen Drum Filters
     Foam Fractionators (Protein Skimmers)

Aquatic Life Support Equipment:
Aquatic Life Support Equipment | Complete Filter Systems: Layout and Operation Information
UV Sterilizers | SMART UV Sterilizers | SMART UV Lite | SMART UV Sterilizer
SMART HO UV Sterilizer | SMART HO ML UV Sterilizer | HOSS UV Sterilizer
Premium HO UV | Premium HO ML Vertical UV | Commercial ML UV
Premium HO ML UV | SafeGUARD UV Sterilizers | SafeGUARD CLP UV Sterilizers
SafeGUARD CLS UV Sterilizers | Open-Channel HO UV | PLC UV Controller/Monitor
PSP Pressurized Filters | Automated Backwash Valves | Gravity Flow Bag Filters
Pressurized Bag Filters | BioFoam Bio-filter | Fluidized Bed Bio Filters
Protein Skimmers | Ozone Generators | Atomizer Ozone Contactor
Hydrafin Filter System | Hydrascape Filter System
Combi-System | Up-Well Egg Incubator

UV Sterilizer and Filter Products for Koi Ponds & Water Gardens:
Pond UV Sterilizers and Filters.

UV Sterilizer and Filter Products for Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums:
Aquarium UV Sterilizers and Filters.

Emperor Aquatics Resources:
Resource Library | Equipment Quotation Request | Filtration Terminology
What is UV Sterilization? | Microorganisms & UV Dose
UV Lamp Information | UV Sterilizer Design
Quartz Sleeve Wipers | Goals of a Recirc. System
Product Installation Guide | Manuals & Literature
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