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Foam Fractionator Installation
The Emperor Aquatics, Inc. Foam Fractionator Installation diagram

Recommended Installation
The above diagram demonstrates how we recommend our foam fractionators be installed. Our larger “flow through” models would require a pump to supply the unit with water, but include a venturi manifold pump (see foam fractionator section). Each Emperor Aquatics, Inc. commercial foam fractionator features a venturi air injector manifold. The manifold allows the operator to make fine adjustments that are required for optimal skimming performance. Our foam fractionators should be installed as the above diagram demonstrates, using a dedicated pump. Also notice that the water outlet does not exceed a height of less than one half the vertical distance of the units main body. Water that is returned to the sump from the unit should not be submerged.

Special Comments
It is necessary to use the unit’s pressure gauge while setting the performance of the foam fractionator. The pressure gauge represents the pressure before the venturi injectors. Our foam fractionators require approximately 10 psi with saltwater and 15 – 20 psi for freshwater. A 3450 RPM pump motor is required to achieve these pressures consistanly.

Do not install or operate our foam fractionators inline with any type of mechanical filter.

Supply the foam fractionator with pre-filtered water only, this will reduce the amount of solid waste that accumulates in the venturi injectors. Routine cleaning of venturi injectors must be expected.