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Commercial Testimonials

Dynasty Marine Assoc. Inc. - Forrest Young
The University of Maine - Steve Eddy
Bellefonte State Hatchery - Jeffery Weaver

Commercial Testimonials  

Dynasty Marine Associates installed an Emperor Aquatics UV sterilizer at our facility over ten years ago upon the advise from Steve and the rest of your staff. Prior to the installation of the unit, we had systemic outbreaks of Cryptocaryon, Brooklynella, Oodinium and a variety of all
the other well known pathogens and some not so well known.

All of these pathogens can appear despite low level copper treatments that we maintain causing critical challenges with our stocks and delivery system. Dynasty Marine Associates is a global distributor of marine fish and shipping infected fish are bad for the high quality business that we operate.

After installing the EA UV equipment systemic outbreaks simply stopped occurring. We still get occasional minor outbreaks in individual tanks but due to the UV treating 100% of the filtered water before it returns to the tanks we are able to control outbreaks from spreading throughout the system.

Had I not seen the EA UV work and benefited financially as a result of its operation, I would have not believed it! I make this testimonial of my own free will without compensation and would like to thank Emperor Aquatics for a job well done. When they tell you that UV works, believe them! When they give you good advice, take it! Let them calculate the proper UV equipment for your application with confidence and the challenges of systemic parasite outbreaks will end up being a distant memory.

I can be reached with questions regarding my experiences with this equipment at

Forrest A. Young
Dynasty Marine Associates, Inc.

I am writing to commend the technical support offered by Emperor Aquatics, Inc. in regards
to the performance and installation of ultraviolet disinfection units for aquaculture. As an aquaculture business incubator and research and development facility, we rely upon reliable
and effective ultraviolet sterilization to protect the animal stocks owned by the University of Maine and our business partners from disease.

We recently purchased three UV sterilizers from another company through a competitive
bid process. We clearly specified our desired “kill rate” water flow and water clarity. The manufacturer sold us these units with the assurance that they would meet these parameters.

Shortly after our purchase of these units, Steve Zimmer of Emperor Aquatics, Inc. contacted us with his concern that based upon his knowledge of UV technology that the units sold to us by the competing company could not meet our stated parameters. He offered us the services of his partner Don Conwell to more closely examine the specifications of these units and to ascertain their efficiency.

Don put a great deal of time and thought into his effort. Ultimately, it was discovered that the UV lamp UV-C output factor and other data used to calculate operating capacity of the equipment was mistakenly incorrect. The technical staff of the manufacturer who sold us the units did not catch these mistakes, and it was only because of Dons’ persistence that we had enough evidence to convince them of the error. This evidence consisted in part of an updated calculation and a letter from the consulting company responsible for the UV calculation error admitting their mistake.

As result of Don Conwell’s efforts , the UV manufacturer has redesigned the three units sold to us in order to bring them up to spec. I would like to express my gratitude to Emperor Aquatics, Inc. for bringing this to our attention, and potentially preventing a costly UV failure at our facility. The take-home lesson for us is that a UV unit is only as good as the technical support standing behind that unit. In this regard, Emperor Aquatics, Inc. has done an outstanding job, and they clearly deserve their reputation as a manufacturer of top quality UV Sterilization equipment.

Steve Eddy
Center Biologist
Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research
The University of Maine

Up-well egg incubation is the method of choice over standard tray incubation at the Bellefonte State Hatchery. We have found the Emperor Aquatics Up-well Incubators to be very efficient; a 20 quart capacity increases space utilization, yet increases our incubation/hatching capacity. Eggs are kept in constant suspension keeping fungus from attaching to and smothering fertile eggs, chemical treatments, specifically formalin are not required during incubation. Our hatch rates for all three trout species (brook, brown and rainbow) are comparable to tray incubators without chemical treatments while achieving a significant reduction in labor.

Jeffery L. Weaver, Manager
Bellefonte State Fish Hatchery
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission


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